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All credentials issued by the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals expire either one (1) or two (2) years from the date of certification. Individuals must complete the continuing education prior to renewal. Education must be from an approved source and related to the performance domains of the credential that he/she is renewing. Individuals who are renewing must complete forty (40) contact hours of continuing education when holding a two (2) year certification and twenty (20) contact hours of continuing education when holding a one (1) year certification.

MCBAP approved Home Study Education training can be applied to 100% of the required hours for continuing education.

All Credentials except the CCS: Individuals renewing for these credentials must submit forty (40) contact hours for a two (2) year certification, or twenty (20) contact hours for a one (1) year certification.

CCS-M and CCS: Individuals renewing the CCS certification must submit six (6) contact hours relevant to the Clinical Supervision Performance Domains. These 6 contact hours are included in the total number of education training hours required for renewal of the CAADC or CADC or CADC-M or CCJP.

Note: It is your responsibility to apply for renewal.


Complete the Renewal Application form (s), being sure to sign the affidavit attesting that you have obtained the required number of contact hours. Do not submit any documentation of continuing education hours with your renewal application; however, you must submit a listing of the continuing education trainings obtained. Include the non-refundable renewal fee of $85.00 for annual renewal or $135.00 for biennial renewal. Failure to submit the fee and application in a timely manner, may result in additional requirements to renew or in loss of certification.

All newly certified individuals are mandated to an audit of their continuing education training for the first two (2) renewal periods; after two (2) renewal periods an individual is not mandated to an audit, but may be subject to an audit. Failure to produce these education hours when requested will result in a loss of the credential. Maintain documentation of your continuing education hours during the time you are certified, as you will be subject to random audit.

Effective January 1, 2003; fifty (50%) percent of continuing education training must be specific to substance abuse.


Certified professionals will be notified by mail of the impending expiration of their credential approximately 90 days prior to their expiration date. This is a courtesy reminder and failure to receive it does not negate responsibility to re-certify in a timely manner.

The applicant can apply for renewal up to 180 days after the expiration date by documenting twenty (20) hours per year of continuing education since the beginning of the last certification period, re-signing the current Code of Ethics and paying the renewal fee ($85 for annual or $135.00 for biennial) and a late fee. Names of individuals failing to renew on or prior to the expiration date will be removed from the current MCBAP list of certified professionals and the individual will no longer be considered certified.

Effective January 1, 2013, if application for renewal is not made within 180 days after the expiration date, the individual no longer holds their current credential and may no longer refer to him/herself as certified. To re-instate the credential an individual must apply for the credential as if they never held it and meet all current standards. This may include additional documentation and/or exams.

All documentation is property of the board and may be destroyed after 3 years.

Extension of Expiration Date

The expiration date of certification may be extended up to 90 days with documentation of a medical condition which severely limits normal activities for at least 30 days within the last 180 calendar days prior to expiration date. Application for extension must be made on or before the expiration date.


A certified professional may request in writing that his/her credential be placed in escrow for a period of up to two (2) years. Reasons for such action must be a documented medical condition which prevents the individual from working.

The individual will be responsible for meeting renewal requirements when the full two (2) years active status (not counting the time the certification is in escrow) has lapsed. Education completed during the escrow cannot be applied toward renewal.

A written request to remove the certification from escrow and a $50 fee must be submitted to MCBAP prior to the end of the escrow period.